A week’s work experience at EMC Design

Last week, we had Nick join us for a week's work experience. He is eagerly awaiting his A-level results before beginning an Art Foundation course in September with a view to studying Graphics at University. We aimed to give Nick an overview of what life can be like in an office but also an idea [...]

Bring Your Own Technology

Our article for BookMachine was originally posted on Monday 6th August here. We keep hearing that America is a few years ahead of us in terms of technology. If this is the case then UK Publishers, Schools and Educators take note. A recent report from the The Consortium for School Networking in America has highlighted [...]

Summer Intern opportunity for students with an interest in Graphic Design

When it comes to getting into graphic design, sometimes qualifications aren’t even half the battle. 
Most agencies require studio experience, and internships are usually unpaid. We’re offering a chance to gain industry-specific skills (applicable to publishing and other areas of print design).
 Rather than shelling out for uni, this could be the best way to [...]

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