It’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that September is nearly coming to an end already. This year has brought significant changes and achievements for our team at emc design. We relocated to a new office, or more accurately, returned to our cherished Grade 2 listed building – our beloved barn.

Alongside this move, we successfully implemented a hybrid operational model, setting the stage for several exciting projects and adding new clients to our pipeline. And now, we are thrilled to announce the latest chapter in our journey: the arrival of not one, not two, but three exceptional recruits.

Meet Ellie, Caitlin, and Toby

Ellie, Caitlin & Toby

We extend a warm welcome to three highly talented graduate designers who have chosen to join our team.

  • First in line is Ellie, a graduate from the University of Northampton.
  • Following closely is Caitlin, who earned her degree from Nottingham Trent University.
  • Last but certainly not least, we are excited to introduce Toby, who graduated from the University of Lincoln.

At emc, we’ve always placed a strong emphasis on nurturing new design talent within our industry. Many agencies typically require a couple of years of experience, which can be quite challenging for recent graduates breaking into the industry. With our close-knit and supportive team, emc offers creative and innovative individuals starting out in their careers a fantastic opportunity to grow their careers.

The Learning Journey of Our New Team Members

We’re committed to providing our new recruits with training in our tried-and-true design and production methodologies, helping them assist various clients in creating a range of learning resources. We have some exciting projects lined up, both print and digital materials, and we’ll continue to support educational publishers in their accessibility strategies.

And we have an exciting new animation project that we will be training some of the juniors on – it’s so exciting that we’re currently bound by strict confidentiality under an NDA. Rest assured, as soon as we can share the details, we’ll eagerly inform you. Until then, our lips are sealed.

Our new recruits will eventually have the option to work from home one day a week, but for now, they’ll be in the studio five days a week during their initial training. While our new team members bring a lot of talent to the table, excelling in our specialised industry requires additional training.

How We Prepare Our New Recruits

To begin, our newcomers will focus on simpler tasks, such as basic text corrections at various proofing stages. This will help them become familiar with our document setups and workflows. As they gain experience, we’ll emphasise increasing their speed and accuracy, building their technical knowledge of how our documents function, and honing their proficiency with the keyboard shortcuts we use for efficient document navigation. Much of the learning in the initial weeks will involve task repetition.

In addition to these tasks, we’ll introduce more creative responsibilities, such as collaborating with our cover team to brainstorm concept ideas. When we embark on a new course sample, they’ll be actively involved in the initial research and development stages as well.

We also eagerly anticipate our new graduates bringing fresh skills and methodologies to our team. While university courses may not cover the advanced levels of software expertise we require, they excel in introducing students to new software and techniques. This mutually beneficial relationship allows us to gain a better understanding of innovative techniques and crucial industry-related standards and processes. It’s a win-win!

So, on behalf of the entire team, we warmly welcome Ellie, Caitlin, and Toby. We’re looking forward to working with you and seeing the unique contributions you’ll bring to our team!