How to turn an ELT print book into an eBook

We’ve recently been converting some ELT course book titles from the InDesign press ready print files to ebook format for some of our ELT clients and we thought it would be useful to share some of our top tips. Structure Our most important tip is to set the original files up correctly in the first [...]

Bring Your Own Technology

Our article for BookMachine was originally posted on Monday 6th August here. We keep hearing that America is a few years ahead of us in terms of technology. If this is the case then UK Publishers, Schools and Educators take note. A recent report from the The Consortium for School Networking in America has highlighted [...]

Design considerations for Publishing to a Global Market our article for @TheFutureBook

Design considerations for Publishing to a Global Market In a recent FutureBook blog post, which highlighted the ever changing and further reaching audience of the blog, we offered to write an article from our perspective of Publishing for a Global Market. As a design studio that works with Educational Publishers, we have gained an understanding [...]

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