Why design matters: Collaborating with your designers

We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary with a special BookMachine birthday party on Wednesday 10th February, at The Square Pig & Pen, Central London. With the event just around the corner, we thought we would give you a few pointers to get you thinking "Why Design Matters" which was originally posted on BookMachine's blog last week. For many, design can be [...]

An afternoon with Hugh Dellar from Lexical Labs

Author and materials writer, Hugh Dellar, visited all of us here at emc this week to give us an ELT workshop. The idea of the workshop was for emc folk to gain more of an insight into the materials that we work on and to help us understand more about how they are used in the classroom [...]

Want to turn your event into a book?

Back in September at the Media Futures event in London, we were given a booklet from event-based publishing service Book Kernel. Book Kernel is one of the eight collaborations to come out of the Research & Enterprise in Arts & Creative Technology (REACT) Books & Print Sandbox.  Here is a short summary of what Book Kernel can bring to your events [...]

Bring Your Own Technology

Our article for BookMachine was originally posted on Monday 6th August here. We keep hearing that America is a few years ahead of us in terms of technology. If this is the case then UK Publishers, Schools and Educators take note. A recent report from the The Consortium for School Networking in America has highlighted [...]

Our article for @BookMachine on the digital narrative @InanimateAlice

Welcome to the world of Inanimate Alice, a truly digital novel that has taken the educational world by storm. The idea for Alice first came about in 2003 and the team (Ian Harper, Chris Joseph and award winning author Kate Pullinger) published the first episode in 2005. The story is told by Alice through 10 [...]

How to survive the digital revolution via @Kingstonjourno

In the first of three videos, Judith Watts, lecturer on the Publishing MA course at Kingston University asks John B. Thompson his views on how Publishing Houses should be surviving the digital revolution. To see the original post visit the Kingston Publishing blog here.

Design considerations for Publishing to a Global Market our article for @TheFutureBook

Design considerations for Publishing to a Global Market In a recent FutureBook blog post, which highlighted the ever changing and further reaching audience of the blog, we offered to write an article from our perspective of Publishing for a Global Market. As a design studio that works with Educational Publishers, we have gained an understanding [...]

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O'Reilly Media's Tools of Change #TOCcon conference resources

After a busy few days in New York the O'Reilly Media team have uploaded most of the presentations from the conference held this week. You can have a look at what's available and download them all here. It's also worth having a look on Twitter under the conferences official hashtag #toccon for delegates and speakers [...]

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Our 5 most popular blog posts from 2011

Our site stats tell us that these are our 5 most popular blog posts from 2011: 1 How is education being transformed by the tablet? 2 An interview with one of our illustrators 3 Adding design led technology to the printed page 4 Sub-Saharan Africa in the age of digital publishing 5 Publishing Now: The [...]

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Publishing Now: The Golden Age of Innovation

Publishing houses, as we know them today, have in essence been around since the 15th Century. Within that time they have had to develop and embrace many technological advances; but never has the industry had to face new ideology and change on such an unprecedented scale as it is having to now with the move [...]

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