We love Pinterest! As a design agency, being able to find inspiration and market trends quickly and efficiently in a demanding publishing world is vital. Not only to ensure that we can meet design budgets but to ensure that we are designing the most creatively appealing material as well as ensuring we design for the right visual style and market. injectable ivermectin dosage for dogs heartworm prevention And we find Pinterest an incredibly useful tool to meet these demands. ivermectine comprimé compendium So we thought we’d share some of the ways in which we use it.

The use of colour in design is fundamental. Choosing the right colours to complement images, type and layout are an integral part of the design process. And Pinterest is great for helping us to visualise colours. Whether that’s a completing colour palette, or whether it’s just ideas around a colour theme Pinterest really helps!

Trends and popular themes
At the start of a project we will do a lot of visual research into the market that has been identified by our client. For more info on this read our blog post on how to interpret a design brief. And Pinterest is a tool that we all use to do this. For example if we are designing a secondary course for Spanish teenagers we will do a lot of Pinterest searches around the Spanish Teenage Market – everything from culture to visual trends. ivermectin and hydroxyzine This helps us to build up a style and feel of the visual elements we can start to work into the design.

Pinterest is also great in helping us identify trends and themes that we may not have noticed in the industry. This helps to inform our visual language and builds a more current visual idenity for the design we are working on.

Boards and Secret boards
Within your profile area of Pinterest you can create as many boards as you like. These boards can be themed however you fancy and are a really great way to collate images you’ve found either from other Pinners or from the web. We have a number of public boards from “French Inspired Design” to “User Interface (UI)” and enjoy creating new ones in response to the everyday stuff happening around us.

We also use the secret board function. This is brilliant for project specific research and boards we need to create. Almost all of the work we do is top secret and we guard our clients work very confidentially. By working with secret boards we can collaborate within our design teams or invite our clients to pin onto the secret boards too. This way we can all help to steer the visual direction of the project.

It’s also a great way of connecting with new people and clients. You can interact with other users through likes, comments, and re-pins. By doing this we also find new blogs and content related to design. We also collaborate with external contacts (either clients or other project collaborators) by inviting them to pin to our specific boards, whether they are public or top secret!

These just are a few of the ways we use Pinterest – we’d love to hear how you’re using it…