We’d like to say a big well done to Dale and Hannah, two of our designers, who have recently taken on very challenging bike rides. Find out what they had to say about their experience: 


After running a half marathon last year in memory of my Gramp, I thought I’d up the ante this year and participate in a sponsored bike ride from London to Paris.
I raised money for Dementia UK. My Gramp suffered from Dementia in his latter years, so it’s a charity quite close to my heart.
The best part was definitely the last day. Travelling from Beauvais to Paris was mostly downhill, so we could really pick up the pace and enjoy a few leisurely stops in French cafes! The final 3 miles to Paris were quite spectacular, turning a corner to see the Arc de Triomphe and then turning round another corner to have the final stretch towards the Eiffel Tower! Also, the French were all very supportive (apart from one angry Frenchman in his car…)
The worst part was probably travelling across the Somme. Due to the very flat nature of the Somme, even the slightest headwind is really amplified, which makes for a very laborious ride. I also never want to see another corn field…
As enjoyable as it was, I wouldn’t do the London to Paris again. John is talking about organising a Bedford to Land’s End bike ride, so I’m potentially going to be doing this next year!


For my bike ride challenge, I rode from Deeping to Brighton.
Deeping to Tower Bridge, London the first day (105 miles), then
Tower Bridge, London to Brighton Pier the second day (67 miles).
I raised money for a charity called Shine. They are a charity that help those living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. The reason I chose this charity was because they are a local charity having an office close to where I live. As well as the fact I have experienced their work first hand and the stories have really touched my heart.
Now it’s over I loved the whole experience, but there were definitely highs and lows throughout the journey. The first day was challenging because of the weather, we managed to do 25 miles to the first water stop, but then from that point onwards it was torrential downfall. Let’s just say my waterproof proved to be not so waterproof, you could literally ring out every layer of clothing!! However the memory I treasure from that day was getting to cycle over the Tower Bridge it was an amazing experience.
The second day was just brutal from all the inclines, it was hills after hills after hills. Just as I thought I was getting pretty good tackling them all, the Ditchling Beacon hit!
We had already done the majority of the days cycling (55 miles), when we took on Ditchling Beacon and it wasn’t pretty. I some how lost all ability to unclip, so every time I needed a break I was having to shout up to someone I knew to catch me. But with each break I got back on and finally managed to get to the top! I must add though I was the last and I was crying a lot, it took all of my body’s strength and mind power to get up that ‘mountain’ and it was exhausting!
It was an amazing feeling cycling up to Brighton Pier knowing that you had finally finished. It was a massive achievement for us all. I loved the experience and even more I’ve made some truly great friends.
I’d definitely do it again, I really want to have another go at Ditchling Beacon. I want to try and get up it without stopping or at least with fewer stops! I’m also looking at doing two rides next year: London to Paris and a Coast to Coast through the Peak districts. I think you could say I’ve definitely got the cycling bug!

Good luck to Dale and Hannah on their future challenges, we look forward to hearing all about them! The team here at emc have supported them both in spirit and in cash – so if you’d also like to support these worthy causes there’s still time to sponsor Dale here and Hannah here. Keep pedalling!