The importance of branding your CV and portfolio

Embed from Getty Images The importance of branding your CV and portfolio with graduate design show season upon us can’t be underestimated. With thousands of newly qualified graphic designers leaving education are you doing everything you can to make sure you will stand out from the hundreds of other job applicants? Your CV and portfolio [...]

Pinterest: How and why do we use it?

We love Pinterest! As a design agency, being able to find inspiration and market trends quickly and efficiently in a demanding publishing world is vital. Not only to ensure that we can meet design budgets but to ensure that we are designing the most creatively appealing material as well as ensuring we design for the [...]

How to interpret a Publisher's design brief and turn it into something beautiful

A while back we asked our Twitter followers if there was anything that we do as a design agency that they wanted to find out more about. And the lovely ladies at ELT Teacher to Writer asked us "How do you go about interpreting a publisher's brief and shape it into a book (or whatever)?" So [...]

Our new Pinterest board gives you a flavour of what we're like!

emc design is currently recruiting for a junior designer, so we thought it would be nice to put together some photos of what it is like if you were to come and work with us. Take a look at our Pinterest board join our team to get a flavour of us, our surroundings and what [...]

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