This time last year we shared this post on our climate change pledge as a way to hold us accountable for our progress. And on Friday last week (22nd April) as the world celebrated Earth Day emc design was issued with our Carbon Neutral certification from Carbon Neutral Britain. One small part of our climate pledge plan!

This was a really important milestone for us to reach as part of our ongoing commitment to being a more sustainable business and one that takes our collective impact on our environment very seriously.

Last year we also started a Tree-Nation forest whereby we plant trees for important staff milestones, like work anniversaries, new starters and weddings! Our forest has captured a further 124.6 tonnes of carbon. So in addition to off-setting the carbon footprint our business activities make through Carbon Neutral Britain we have actually captured more carbon effectively making us Carbon negative!

Over the last year we have now switched to 100% renewable energy supplier. Have made switches to more environmentally friendly cleaning and wash room products (Faith in Nature soap in glass re-fillable dispensers). We now only use biodegradable Dettol wipes to help keep germs at bay. And our Landlord has given us permission to re-wild the green space around our building as well as compost waste and plant vegetables and salad for us to eat during the summer months. We also confirmed that our pension provider is using sustainable fund management to ensure that when we do all get to retirement age we actually have a planet worth living in!

We are also looking into an electric car salary sacrifice programme to help our staff with commuting costs as well as reducing our carbon footprint further. And finally (for this update) we are in the process of switching over all our light bulbs to more energy efficient LED’s.

Tell us what small changes you’ve been making to give us more ideas for what else we can do.