earth day 2021 climate change pledgeAs individuals and as a company we have watched and read countless documentaries and articles on the devastating affects climate change is having on our world. Our planet is beautifully made, perfectly balanced with ecosystems that are intended to support and help life thrive. Humans, animals and plants have lived in harmony on our earth for millennia but it’s only in the last few 100 years (at most) that we have dessimated the fine balance required to sustain and support all ecosystems.

As a company we recognise that we must do better if we are to play a part in helping to reverse the devastating impact that humans greed and insatiable need for stuff is having on our planet. And so on this Earth Day we are sharing with you, in order to help us stay accountable, the areas that we are working on as a business over the next few years.


Our environmental strategy and goals:

  • Working towards being Carbon Neutral by 2022 – to gain a better understanding of how our business impacts the environment. And what our current carbon footprint is.
    To do that we need to:
  1. Work out carbon footprint.
  2. Make a plan for how to reduce it.
  3. Support organisations who lobby for climate change action through donating company money and resources.
  4. Work towards gaining an accreditation that recognises the changes we have made and the positive impact our actions are having on the environment.
  • Assess what changes we can make to our building and our surrounding to improve our carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  1. Introduce energy efficient upgrades to electronic equipment and lighting systems
  2. Switch energy provider when current contract ends in June 2021.
  3. Regularly review our energy contracts to ensure providers are environmentally conscious and
    energy is from 100% renewable sources.
  4. Gain permission from the Landlord to plant wild flowers and compost waste on site
  • Procure goods that are sustainably sourced, with particular attention given to paper stock. And work with service providers who demonstrate their commitment to being more environmentally friendly and conscious.
  1. Switch to an eco-friendly (sustainable), high percentage recycled paper stock
  2. Procure goods and services from companies who are environmentally responsible and share
    our own environmental standards.
  3. Devise a supplier procurement programme that ensures we are using suppliers who share our ethos and commitment to environmental management.
  • To ensure that we handle all of our waste in the best way possible for the planet. Recycling everything we can and looking at ways to reduce our non-recyclable waste.
  1. Maximising the amount of waste that is reused, recycled or composted, with particular attention given to reducing the procurement of single use items.
  2. Look into being a local Terracycle hub to enable us and local residents recycle “non-recyclable” waste.
  3. Ensure effective Printer waste management programme
  • Make decisions that inform, empower and encourage all of our employee’s to play their part on the impact they and their actions have on the environment.
  1. Engage and empower staff to make suggestions and decisions that support this policy.
  2. Educate and inform through informal and formal discussions, workshops, policies and procedures.
  3. Encourage car sharing and green alternatives when commuting. 
  4. Minimise all business travel. 

How can we do better?

We’d love to know what you think about our ambitions and how we plan to get there. We know that this is a massive area for us as a business to be working on and we know we haven’t covered all basis here. So if you have ideas or want to share things you’ve been doing please comment below!