Staying sharp – twice a day the Publishing Services team takes time to stretch

At emc design we’re constantly striving to develop our skills and increase our knowledge in order to offer an even better service to our clients. In fact, continuous improvement is one of our core values, and regularly making enhancements can have a significant impact on our work.

As in most busy organisations, though, finding a chunk of time in the working day to dedicate to development is tricky, but we believe it’s vital to progress. So emc’s Publishing Services team recently took a day out for some upskilling.

We learned new techniques for planning, managing our time efficiently, being more effective in our communication, and evaluating our progress (as well as celebrating our success!). And as our team is newly expanded, it was also an opportunity to bond together by sharing ideas and experiences.

We learned new ways of working

Alicia: “I really appreciated the investment in our development. I was able to take away a variety of tips and new methods for working, which have encouraged me to look at the jobs we do at both task level as well as the bigger picture. I learned the importance of evaluating as I go, and always allowing scope for change.”

Michael: “For me the key take-home message was to never underestimate the importance of effective communication. It governs not just our working relationships but also our lives outside of work, so clear communication is key!”

Sarah: “I learnt many techniques that have helped me to structure the way I work on our big projects, as well as on my smaller day-to-day tasks.”

Liz: “The part of our discussion I’ve thought about the most is this quote: The meaning of communication lies in the response it elicits. Considering carefully how our briefs, feedback, mark-up or even emails will be understood by the person receiving them, means we can help to avoid misinterpretation and work together more effectively on every project.”

Lucy C: “It was good to be able to step back and think about the larger process of what we do day to day, as well as reflecting on how we can improve the way we’ve worked on each project. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future!”

We developed strategies for staying motivated, in and out of the studio

Janet: “We’ve also enjoyed implementing some of the good mental and physical health strategies we talked about that contribute to making us happy and productive at work. Taking time to stretch (or even plank!), getting outside for fresh air and sunshine, and sharing the light-hearted details of what we’re working on help us stay motivated and excited about the work we do.”

Says Publishing Services Manager Lucy E, “Being guided by the experience and wisdom of a professional training coach, who is removed from the day to day aspects of what we do, was an incredibly positive experience. Everyone came away with helpful practices they can implement both in and out of the studio.”


The role of the Publishing Services team is to supplement and support emc’s core design services. We’re passionate about ensuring excellent quality, sourcing engaging images, and offering tailored, flexible project management built on great communication.