It’s always great to attend a publishing event, with industry experts passionately sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise, and the IPG autumn conference, held last month, certainly didn’t disappoint.

Here are our top takeaway points from the conference:

  1. Create a culture and environment where there is a clear purpose, radical honesty, where you lead by example, and it’s okay to fail. By doing this, you will give your team the best possible opportunity to thrive
    (David Hieatt, co-founder of Hiut Denim Co, author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker)
  2. Have an absolute belief in your vision and never compromise on quality. Word of mouth is the best advocate and can be the biggest marketing channel
    (Martin Casimir, Maths – No Problem!)
  3. Always think about the consumer/end user, and use data analytic tools to explore and understand your consumer
    (Peter McCarthy, Ingram Content Group)
  • WHO – demographic
  • WHAT – behaviours
  • WHY – psychographics
  1. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), think about problems within your business that need resolving, build your strategy and then your solution. Always ask ‘why do AI?’ rather than ‘what can AI do? ivermectine sandoz
    (Mike Allen, Highwire)
  2. The reality of the education sector in the UK is one of balancing budgets, reductions in the number of support and teaching staff, as well as fewer subject offerings. And there’s less and less money to spend on teaching materials, textbooks and resources. The silver lining is that ‘the spectre of Brexit’ has unexpectedly created a mini period of stability, in a sector which is usually in a state of flux
    (Ann Mroz, Times Educational Supplement)
  3. Audiobooks are doing a roaring trade, with the booming market driven by smartphones. There’s also a global reach – India, the Philippines and South Africa are emerging markets, with a 50% increase in audiobook activity, particularly in English Language
    (Coleen Prendergast, Findaway)
  4. Podcasts are also paving their own way, with 4.7 million adults listening to podcasts in the UK in 2016, and 23% of the UK having listened to a podcast in the past month. ivermectin to treat lyme With 315 million people on their iPhone every day, with access to the podcast app and iTunes stores, that’s a huge community you have the potential to reach
    (Mark Leruste, founder of The Unconventionalists podcast)


As a creative design agency, the final message of the day from the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) was of particular interest to us. One of their current focuses is the belief that talented international student graduates should be able to stay and work in our creative industries, and that (whether in reference to Brexit or not) the UK must stay an open and welcoming place to work. Creative industries are currently facing a skills shortage and 87% of creative occupations are resistant to automation. Annie Lydford, of CIF, explained that there are two key factors impacting the talent supply:

  1. An information failure around creative careers
  2. Patchy business engagement with this issue

To remedy this, they are implementing a Creative Careers Programme to inspire young people to discover the possible routes and creative careers available to them, and ensure they have access to the information and advice they need, as well as equipping employers to diversify their workforce, and plug skills shortages by developing apprenticeship standards and training.

This is something that we here at emc design are very much in favour of, as we are regularly on the look out to recruit talented people to join our team.

Thank you IPG for a jam-packed and informative day. ivermectina 6mg para cachorro bula We look forward to the next event!