This week we’re getting involved with the Publishers Association’s campaign #workinpublishing week. The PA are running a host of events to help highlight the variety of jobs within the publishing sector and are asking people who work within the industry to share their top tips and guidance for potential new recruits into the industry.

So as a design agency that is dedicated to working with publishers we have pulled together posts and resources that we have put together over the last few years to help people understand what our role is and what sort of skills we look for. We hope it helps but as ever if you’ve got questions feel free to ask us via the comments section or chat to us on Twitter, Facebook or ping us an email to

What’s being an editorial designer like?

Here are some interviews with designers who work at emc design, here they share what it’s been like so far. Meet some of our designers who joined us as graduates
Or take a look at a window in to our world  to see some pics of us hard at a work.

How do you get into the editorial design industry?

Here we share our top tips for how to get an interview at a design agency, and also share some ideas for how to make your CV look great and how to make your portfolio stand out.

We also thought it would be useful to share with you how to interpret a publishers design brief and turn it into something beautiful as this gives a good insight into how we meet challenging briefs.

What’s the role of design?

We’re very aware that design plays a really important role with visually making books, materials and products appealing but also most importantly user friendly. Sophie from emc shares her vision on how design can help Publishers as part of The FutureBook’s manifesto series. And also this article on What’s the role of design within the ELT industry and how can design help it? is useful to understand more about the processes involved and why design matters.

How do we work within the industry?

Publishing is a very fast-paced industry and it’s constantly changing, so we’re always thinking about new ways of working and trying to come up with new ways to be better at what we do. Here is a collection of articles on us doing just this:

How agile can we be?  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. And we were then asked to write a follow up post to this over on on whether Agile works in ELT print publishing.

And we also love pushing the software we use and seeing how new updates can help us to be better at what we do. One of our designers Kristina wrote Working with artboards in photoshop when there was a major new photoshop update. And our designers often share there tips and tricks on various things:

Who else do we work with that might interest someone looking to get into publishing?

We don’t just design at emc, we commission artists, animators, editors and we also source pictures from libraries and photographers all over the world. We’ve written extensively on working with different types of creative content over the years:

Is ELT for me?

ELT is English Language Teaching and it’s one of the areas of the publishing industry that we have become very specialised in. It’s a very interesting area and provides many career paths and as such we take an extremely keen interest. Here are some posts you might find interesting if you’re thinking about specific areas of the publishing industry you might like to try your hand at:

We hope you’ve found some interesting articles in this post and it’s given you a good idea as to what it’s like to work within the design side of the publishing. However, we suspect you might have more questions so do feel free to leave questions via the comments section. And make sure you get involved with all the other #workinpublishing stuff happening this week.