We’re super excited for this year’s Image Conference, organised by Kieran Donaghy and MELTA. It’s a fantastic event, dedicated to the innovative and creative use of media and images in English language teaching. This year’s Image Conference will take place on Saturday 5th December in Munich.

“The innovative goals of The Image Conference are to put media and images at the centre of the language learning agenda, and to offer guidance on using media and images critically and creatively in language teaching in the age of the Internet.” – (Image Conference website)

The conference highlights the benefits which film, video, images, video games and other types of media can offer to both language teachers and language learners. There’s a great line-up of speakers who will be exploring this and sharing their experiences and expertise on the use of images in language learning. Speakers include: Ceri Jones, Hugh Dellar, Evan Frendo, Jennie Wright, Helen Strong and Kieran Donaghy.

Online registration closes today, so make sure to get your tickets before its too late! Buy your tickets here to guarantee a place or register on the day.

Sophie and Kat from emc will also be attending the conference, so make sure to say hello!

For more information on the event click here.