Here at emc design, we work with publishers of all sizes – from large international education publishers to niche specialists who only publish occasionally. Like our clients, we are big and small. ivermectin sales Yep, you read that right. We are one of the biggest agencies in the publishing industry, but we work in small teams, each dedicated to individual clients and projects. ivermectin liver damage

One of those small teams is our Creative Services team – otherwise known as the “fine-tooth comb” of the studio. Nothing (and we mean nothing) leaves the studio before receiving attention from this beady-eyed group. Along with their focus on quality control, there is also a more creative side within this team; we call it the Creative Content team. Responsible for art editing, photo research and licensing, this team is itching to flex their creative muscles and demonstrate their skills to both existing clients and new ones. Here are just a few of the skills this team has on offer:

New! Photo and video commissioning

In December, Michael joined our growing Creative Content team. As well as shortlisting entries for the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year (wow!), Michael brings with him experience with photo and video shoots as well as audio licensing. He can work alongside your team on shoots, or we can take full control of the asset side of things. If this is something you might be interested in, please drop us a line.

Artwork (and realia)

Our Creative Content team have a great relationship with a diverse and dependable pool of illustrators, artists and animators. We’re also constantly on the lookout for fresh talent. If you would prefer a bespoke approach, we can manage the whole commissioning process (from briefing to placing final artwork), saving you in-house time and headaches.

(For those who aren’t sure, realia refers to material designed to resemble real-life scenarios. These are done by our in-house designers, who have years of experience in producing gorgeous realia that really enhances the text on the page. For examples, check out some of our work.)

Photo research

Not having artwork in your project? If you’re looking for an experienced hand at seeking out and licensing the best photos from a range of trusted suppliers, then our Creative Content team are for you. We will work with you before, during and after photo selection meetings to ensure we’re all on track with sourcing the most engaging, appropriate and cost-effective creative solutions for your project. Alternatively, you can offload the entire project to our team.

Project management

Did we mention that our Creative Services team are organised and meticulous? Well they are. And this is why clients trust us to manage whole projects from concept to delivery or any other chunk along the way. Using the latest software and management systems, we are well placed to solve and communicate on even the trickiest of projects.

The Creative Services team work across all projects that our clients trust us to deliver. ivermectin use in humans If you are looking for the utmost quality delivered for all your assets, then please get in touch today.