Jo joined emc design back in August via our Graduate Design Scheme after successfully completing her BA in graphic design in 2016 and her MA in creative writing this year. We’ve finally found the time to post up this interview with her to find out how she’s finding it all so far…

You graduated from Uni this year; what Uni have you come from? And what was your favourite project/piece you did whilst there?
I came from the University of Lincoln (same year as Dan) after finishing my masters course. I love photography and in 3rd year we were allowed to pick a competition brief so I chose one from Shutterstock. It was six weeks of heaven!

How are you finding emc so far?
Really great! I’m really enjoying designing for kids and the people are lovely. Plus, someone brings cake in at least once a week.

What is it about graphic design that you love?
The satisfaction at the end of a project. To see the final product and think, yeah, I did that.

What do enjoy doing outside of work?
Whatever I can! I was on a photography course this weekend but I also love writing.

Cake or ice cream?

Pen or pencil?
Pencil, even though I can’t draw!

Tea or coffee?

Old or new?

Truth or dare?
Truth, I’m really bad at dares!

The book or the film?
The book, always!

PC or Mac?
Mac <3

Who’d win in a fight a crab or a terrapin?
I have no idea what a terrapin is, so crab?

And finally, what came first the chicken or the egg?