Bett is the leading education technology show in the UK bringing together 800 companies, over 100 start-ups and 34,000 attendees in four days between 22-25th January 2020 at London’s ExCeL. This year Bett will focus on major trends in EdTech including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, STEAM learning and diversity and inclusion. This is our rundown of some of the exhibitors that we are most excited about seeing at Bett2020.


Bett Escape Room Experience – Management Solutions Zone

Following its successful launch at Bett 2019 the Escape Room Experience is back and twice the size! This immersive experience is a fun way for educators to interact with the technology solutions available at Bett. Each experience consists of three rooms containing Crystal Maze style puzzles and participants work with their colleagues against the clock to complete brain-stretching challenges. The Escape Room Experience takes about 15 minutes to complete and it’s a great way to get a break from the show floor and get some new ideas for integrating technology into teaching and learning. The experience is brought to Bett by Tablet Academy which is an independent organisation providing consultancy on embedding technology into schools to improve results. العاب بوكر اون لاين


VR Education, ExperiEd – Stand: NK44

ExperiEd create educational immersive virtual reality materials that help to create strong links between learners and the places and subjects they are studying. Research shows that student engagement increases with interactive learning experiences, but it is not often feasible for teachers to explore the ruins of Ancient Rome with students let alone blast into space. With ExperiEd headsets and VR videos students can visit the courtroom of To Kill a Mockingbird, descend to the depths of the Mariana trench or walk through a Tudor Village. The team behind ExperiEd have 20 years of experience in creating films, documentaries and educational content. Their VR experiences have been developed to support key stage learning milestones across a range of subjects including English, History, Geography and Science.


Blutick Maths – Hall N1-19Stand: FS44

Blutick is an AI powered learning platform covering the UK maths curriculum from ages 11-16. The app currently has 500 educational videos and more than 1 million interactive questions all written by experienced maths teachers. The Blutick software gives line by line intelligent feedback to students that is like having a personal tutor in their pocket. Students can work through problems at their own pace and gain confidence as they are guided towards solving their mistakes. Teachers can set tasks on Blutick to be completed in the classroom or at home and parents are emailed a video explaining how to solve a problem so that they can support their child. Comprehensive data reporting is available for teachers to monitor student’s progress and set individualised learning plans.


C-Pen Reader, Scanning Pens Ltd – Stand: NF10

The new C-Pen Reader from Reader Pens is a breakthrough for dyslexic students and anybody who struggles with reading printed text. The C-Pen is a portable pocket-sized device that converts scanned text to speech with a human-like digital voice. With the device students can read textbooks and other resources independently and with headphones can use it for private study. Using the Pen students can instantly scan and save sections of text and if they are unsure of a word the in-built electronic Collins 10th edition dictionary will display a definition direct on screen. The C-Pen Reader can be used to record lectures and other audio and its 1GB USB drive makes it easy to transfer stored content to other devices (it is both Mac and PC compatible). The C-Pen Exam Reader is approved by The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) meaning students can take exams knowing that they can read and understand the questions with no special access arrangements


Esben Staerk Bett Arena, 23rd Jan 11:35 – 12:05 and the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

Esben Staerk the President of LEGO® Education will be speaking in the Bett Arena on why confidence in STEAM learning is key to career opportunities in the age of automation. But teachers can often struggle to find the right resources for confidently teaching STEAM subjects. 888 LEGO® Education’s newest product the SPIKE™ Prime Kit (available to pre-order now) is intended to address this need. The Kit includes over 500 LEGO® Technic bricks, a multi-port Hub, an app written in the programming language Scratch with a drag and drop interface, and lesson plans for school years 7-9. The SPIKE™ Prime Kit helps students develop skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, product design, robotics, engineering and coding. Students get stuck into programming their robots immediately and like all LEGO® Education products it encourages playful hands on learning at all levels. لربح المال


We’re looking forward to exploring all of this and more at the world’s biggest EdTech show. Find out more and plan your visit at