What can ELT learn from the wider world of publishing?

http://gty.im/98307825 ELT Publishers might look to the wider world of publishing to think about the motivational aspects of language learning. If 7 year old boys are soaking up the latest David Walliams book, what lessons can be learned? How can those same motivations for reading Walliams be applied to wanting to improve language skills? [...]

Reflecting on the summer and what lies ahead

There's nothing quite like the nights starting to draw in to remind us that summer is on its way out. Yes, it's sad to be thinking of the long, wintery days ahead but hopefully we'll make the most of a few more warm sultry evenings, and wasp-infested picnics before autumn really starts to bite. As the [...]

4 reasons leading ELT Publishers choose emc design…

We offer a blended – print and digital – approach to the production of ELT materials. And have been providing top ELT Publishers for over 23 years. So here are 4 reasons why we think leading ELT Publishers continue to work with us. over the counter brand with ivermectin 1. Great people Our talented team [...]