You may or may not have noticed the increase in activity from us lately (twitter, facebook, linked in) and there is a very good reason for that…

In the run up to Christmas we have a packed schedule: lots of ELT & Educational Design Projects, a very exciting secret project, planning MaWSIG Events, more growth plans and extending our current services; all with the aim to being the best design agency for the publishing industry that there is. In doing all that we were in need of additional support, so we are introducing our newest member of the team – Tom, as in me, currently blogging about the new recruit, Tom.

I am the company’s newest member in their ever-growing agency. Although I wished to have been called Executive Director of Internal Operations, I am the Marketing & Production Assistant (which is much more accurate and professional). I am going to be running all of the social networks for emc over the coming winter months, updating you on all the latest company info, as well as keeping our eyes open for interesting news and changes happening in Publishing and Design.

I graduated two years ago from Nottingham University in American Studies, and recently spent nine months travelling South America. Now that I’m back I am eager to assist emc design through our various social streams, regularly updating the blog with company news, industry updates, ELT posts and other interesting things.

This is starting to sound like a cover letter for a job that I already have…

So I’ll end by saying that I am looking forward to working with everyone at emc design as well as getting to know more people we’re connected with and making new contacts. If you want to say hello, send a tweet, poke, pin, like, retweet, comment, email, post or stalk at our links at the top!

In the flesh

In the flesh