Adam’s tutorial this week will teach us to make nice looking torn paper edges using illustrator symbols.

Have a go following the steps below and let us know how you get on. can you use horse ivermectin for dogs

Step one
Open up illustrator and make sure your symbols window is active:

























Step Two
Click the little clubs icon to bring up the symbols palette. In here you can use the drop down to import a variety of shapes and symbols. Feel free to have a look round there’s some really useful ones. how many cc of ivermectin for dogs
For this we’re going to import the Grime Vector Pack.

























Step Three
To use them all you need to do is drag the symbol box into a document. Once you’ve done this copy and paste it into your working Indesign document. The one shown below is great for adding a torn paper effect.

Step Four
Once in Indesign all you need to do is line it all up till your happy then away! If you want more of a straight line just increase the horizontal width, although it stretches it still looks good and creates a straighter line. If you have a variety of torn edges to do on one page you can easy create different tears using this one shape. ivermectine conseil d’etat


And thats it, quick and easy!
This is what we are left with: