We’ve recently been involved in producing a whole host of ELT resources for Cambridge University Press’s Business & Professional English department.
It’s a challenging type of editorial design as there is always a lot of content to get onto the page but we enjoy the technical challenge. Use of English in a business context is a growing market as the English Language further cements itself as the international language of business. Learners all over the world recognise CUP as one of the leading ELT publishers and trust their long standing reputation to deliver courses and resources that meet the demanding expectations of business English learners all over the world.

We are fortunate to have been involved in many business English courses throughout a number of years and recognise it as one of our key strengths within our agency. We’re able to design all components (from print to digital) in-house with our dedicated team of experts.

Here are just some of the titles we’ve helped to produce:
Writing for Impact
Communicating Across Cultures
International Negotiations
Dynamic Presentations

Business Benchmark