… Well BookMachine does and so do we! سباق الحصان

Tonight emc design is sponsoring BookMachine Unplugged which sees the beta launch of BookMachine.me a new platform and network for the people that make Publishing happen. The event has 4 guest speakers (Eric Huang of Penguin, Dean Johnson of Brandwidth, Alastair Horne of CUP and Charles Catton of Amber Books) showcasing the best collaborations happening throughout the Publishing industry today. Plus lots of opportunities to network with fellow BookMachiners who will feel inspired to get collaborating.

Here at emc design we firmly believe that collaboration is always the best way forward; sharing ideas, resources and talent always makes for a better result. And perfectly on cue the news last week of Penguin and Random House’s merger is proof that collaboration is something Publishers are taking seriously. موقع المراهنات على المباريات

If you’re interested in collaborating with a leading print & digital design agency that specialises in the Publishing industry then get in touch! قوانين بلاك جاك info@emcdesign.org.uk or 0845 07 600 19