Monday 4th July – Friday 9th July

We rolled along the windy Stevington road, with the windows down and a light breeze whistling through the creaking Land Rover. Suddenly fate was realised as the spinning blades got closer and closer, nothing could have been more ominous. We came to a halt just 20 metres from the Windmill, and it was but a short walk to the barn – eMC Designs office.

I was introduced to the eMC team and I then began work on the tasks which included; Re-designing the Twitter page, improving the Facebook page, name cards for the local school’s leaver dictionaries (which included the deadly task of slicing them from the page). And working with this blog to improve the design and overall eMC branding.

In partaking in these tasks I learnt skills, which if put to the right use, could unlock photoshop mastery…

All in all the week couldn’t have been any better. 5 days of working with a celestial being, the iMac!

It’s been amazing to see the work that goes in to the making of student workbooks. I definitely shall not be leaving mine in the bottom of my bag in future!

The experience has taught me the basics of InDesign and Illustrator, hopefully I’ll be able to put these newfound skills to use in future graphics work.