Shortly after we moved to our new studio in 2014, we decided a type based table would be a nice piece of furniture to have in our reception. But we couldn’t find what we were looking for. Consequently we decided to make one ourselves. We bought two empty type cases, bolted them together on a base, found some legs and had some glass cut to go on top. Then we set about trying to find some old wooden type to put in the cases.

For the last few years we’ve been slowly filling the case with old pieces of type. And we’ve recently just found a nice haul which has meant we’ve been able to complete it, which Mike has lovingly turned into a typographic wordsearch. So hidden in the distribution of the letters are 19 names of typefaces that can be found in the Adobe Font Folio 11.1.

So for a bit of light diversion, have a go at finding all 19 and we will publish the answer in a few weeks. Some words read right to left, some left to right and letters are not always what they appear to be.

If you get all 19, by Monday 27th March, send the names to us and we will publish the winner and sort out a prize!