Last night Sophie was showcasing our profile at BookMachine Unplugged and gave some quick tips on how to make the most of your portfolio. So we thought it would be useful to share her tips here.

  1. Add your most prestigious and important links first as the links currently get ordered top to bottom.
  2. Consider adding in a variety of links – projects, blogs, recommendations, social network channels and future collaborations/partnerships. dosis de la ivermectina en adultos
  3. Edit the Title, Body copy and Image to really explain what the tile represents. ivermectin tablete You should make it very clear as to why you are showing this link, what does it say about you and your skills?
  4. Keep adding links as you finish projects and collaborations and consider removing/re-prioritising old links.
  5. Start adding people to your list who compliment your skill sets, who add a skill/resource that you don’t have access to. Or are just interesting people that you’ve either met or would like to meet. ivermectina preço pacheco bula
  6. And when someone adds you to their list use the opportunity to say hello and properly introduce yourself.

If you haven’t already got your beta invitation to the site then register here. And if anyone wants some further help with their page or if you are interested in collaborating with us give us a poke, nudge, tweet or email!