The London Book Fair took place last week from 14th – 16th April, with a range different people from within the publishing industry attending.

Sophie (Business Development Manager) attended all three days of the fair as part of The Independent Publishers Guild’s “Meet The Innovators” zone. “This was a great chance for us (emc) to talk to companies about innovative ways we can work together, either through collaborative projects or as suppliers to the industry.”

As well as innovative design and cutting edge production techniques, we provide additional services, like picture research and artwork commissioning, through our fantastic Creative Content team, who attended the fair on the Tuesday along with MD, Mike.

Until Thursday (the last day), I had never been to London Book Fair. The first thing that struck me was the size of the event – I think it’s fair to say I had slightly underestimated the true size of the industry. I was surprised by the amount of different sections, each packed with a range of stands varying in size. mectizan cost clinical trials I struggled to cover the whole of the exhibition in a day.

As I wandered around, going from one exhibitor to the next, I noticed the strong focus on stand designs. spinosad ivermectin for lice diy No matter how big a stand was the exhibitors definitely made the most of the space they had. As the stands got bigger the more extravagant they got with lots of room for displays and meetings.

Inside and outside of the publishing industry, over the past few years there’s been more and more talk of online books/ebooks. There has almost been a ‘print vs. digital’ and the question of whether digital will ever take over. However after attending the fair, this didn’t seem to be the case at all. I got the impression that books, both digital and traditional form, are very much alive and that there wasn’t so much pressure for everything to turn to digital. With print still being a big thing, it was nice to see that design for print was also a key aspect and in high demand.

Visiting London Book Fair has given me more of an insight into the publishing industry. I’m looking forward to attending future events and learning more. ivermectina 6 mg como tomar