Newest designer at emc design

Hannah, our newest designer!

We’d like to introduce you to our newest designer, Hannah, who joined us fresh out of Uni back in August. Hannah’s joined us as a junior designer on our graduate scheme.

How have you been finding emc so far?
Really good thank you :). Already in such a short amount of time I have learnt so much! Everyone has been really helpful and friendly.

What Uni have you come from? And what was your favourite project/piece you did whilst there?
I studied at New College Stamford, however my degree is validated through The University of Lincoln. Whilst studying there by a long mile my favourite piece would have been a report and account on climate change. It was this project that made me fall in love with layout/editorial design.

What is it about graphic design that you love? انواع البوكر
I love the feeling of seeing something going from blank pages, with just text and images, to something that is visually creative and satisfying. The page almost becomes a piece of artwork. I love seeing something develop from a simple idea to something truly amazing and visually satisfying.

What kinds of things do you enjoy doing when you’re not designing?
I’ve always had a passion to become a figure skater and as from last year I decided to take it up, so I spend a lot of time practicing as well as having lessons.
I also love shopping, so I spend quite a bit of time shopping as well as checking the new season collections online :). Furthermore I have a cocker spaniel so I also enjoy going on long walks and spending time with him. I’ve made him into a bit of a circus dog with all the tricks he can do :). كازينو الكويت

Cake or ice cream?
Ice cream

Pen or pencil?
Definelty pencil, as it’s never permanent, you can rub out and start a fresh 🙂

Tea or coffee?
Depends on my mood, at the moment I would say tea

Old or new?
A bit of booth reviving the old and restoring its character, but also having the essence of a modern, contemporary feel.

Truth or dare?

The book or the film?
Umm, depends. If I’ve read the book I will go watch the film, but if Ive just watched the film I probably wont read the book!

Pc or mac?
Mac all the way!

Who’d win in a fight, a crab or a terrapin?
Crab as they look nastier!!!

And finally which came first, the chicken or the egg? بلاك جاك
Well I’m inclined to say the egg.