After months of searching we finally found not one but two wonderful people to join our Publishing Services team. The first, Alicia, joined us in May.

Time to find out more.

Before joining emc design you worked at, what did you do there and how has it prepared you for your role at emc?

I worked as a Bid Writer primarily writing and editing bids. I also assisted with writing and editing award applications, funding applications, CVs, case studies, organisation charts and a variety of other tender materials. I learnt a lot about adhering to briefs, the importance of accuracy, consistency and detail, and overall, producing high quality work for clients.



How are you finding emc so far?

I’ve found my time at emc design so far fantastic. The team have been very welcoming and great at sharing their expert knowledge … and there’s always treats in the kitchen!

So far I have been involved with undertaking proof checking of ELT materials, photo research and assisting with artwork commissioning.


And it wouldn’t be a first blog post without asking you:

Cake or ice cream?


Pen or pencil?

Pen and it has to be red!

Tea or coffee?

Tea (and always with biscuits!)

Old or new?


Truth or dare?


The book or the film?


PC or Mac?


Who’d win in a fight between a crab or a terrapin?


And finally, what came first the chicken or the egg?