Over the last few months we’ve been particularly busy creating sample designs for brand new courses. We are meticulous at getting things 100% right at this stage as it sets documents up for production whether we will be doing this or the publisher (or even off-shore).

Here are our top 4 reasons why this is so crucial:

1. It sets the style for the whole look and feel of the course from the outset for the whole team – authors, editors and production staff. Now is the time to see what works on the page and change if it’s not quite right.

2. A clear brand guideline is agreed upon which forms the basis for everything that follows – not just production but for the marketing and selling of the course too! how can i buy ivermectin

3. Having a final design signed off makes the rest of the course production much smoother and keeps costs down. For instance changing one design element in the sample design takes a relatively small amount of time. Changing design elements on every part of a large multi-component course takes much longer.

4. Setting up the parameters within Adobe CS to produce the component in a structured way is essential for efficient production. Doing this using all the facilities available to produce long documents within such powerful page layout tools will save us hours and hours over the production lifetime, enabling us to be competitive and supply final files with high integrity. ivermectin for chickens canada

If you’d like to find out more about how getting the sample design right from the start can impact on the rest of the project drop us a line. ivermectin for dogs with the mange Or if you have a sample design that now needs to be produced across a multi-component course talk to us to find out how we can help.

info@emcdesign.org.uk | 0845 07 600 19