Interview with Alicia about the Publishing Services team

Committed to building long-standing relationships with our publishing clients, the Publishing Services team at emc design are drawn into a variety of projects. They might be commissioning and sourcing photos one day and proof checking final layouts the next. Here we interview Assistant Production Editor, Alicia, about the ins and outs of working on the [...]

Is it the end of Digital Publishing Units? Tim Oliver thinks so – BookMachine Oxford round-up

Last night a whole load of us from emc design went along to celebrate a year of BookMachine events in Oxford. It was a great evening with lots of new and interesting people coming along, as well as some familiar faces. Tim Oliver (Macmillan Education) gave an insightful talk into running a Digital Publishing Unit. [...]

BookMachine Oxford with Tim Oliver, Macmillan Education

On the 27th June emc design will be sponsoring the next Oxford BookMachine event in style at the House Bar. Tickets are on sale now, if you're quick you can get the early bird discount until 31st May. BookMachine Oxford with Tim Oliver, Macmillan Education - Eventbrite. We hope to see you there!

5 Questions for Ricardo Redisch of Grupo Editorial Nacional [INTERVIEW]

Last week Sophie spent a great half hour chatting to Ricardo Redisch from Grupo Editorial Nacional on the changing role of the publisher. تعليم لعبة البوكر In a pre-Toronto BookMachine interview Ricardo talks about how we need to make the most of user feedback from social networks. You can read the full interview here: 5 [...]

Interview with local design teacher Andrew Buck on revision app ExamPal

Late last year Sophie interviewed local design teacher Andrew Buck from Hastingsbury Upper School for BookMachine. cost of ivermectin in india He and his design students have created an app that is hopefully going to transform the way students can prepare and succeed when it comes to the dreaded exam season. ivermectin evidence Whilst the [...]

Interview with Caroline Moore on mobile language learning

A few weeks ago Sophie met up with Caroline Moore at the British Library to talk about mobile language learning. In particular Caroline's new app Word Carrot which she has helped to develop along with her other colleagues at LearnAhead. Sophie wrote the article for BookMachine so if you want to read the full article [...]

Interview with Alastair Horne from CUP on collaboration within Publishing & Race to Learn

Cambridge University Press and the Williams F1 team collaborated in 2009 to create Race to Learn, a fun, engaging educational programme that fits into the national curriculum. I asked Alastair Horne, who was the project lead for Cambridge, about it. Can you give us a brief insight into what the project is, who’s it for [...]

Eric Huang of Penguin Books on collaboration & re-defining the role of Publishers

A few weeks ago Sophie interviewed Eric Huang for BookMachine, in the run up to the Unplugged event which emc design are proudly sponsoring. Eric talked about his role at Penguin and how they are working and collaborating with new companies to strengthen their offer as a publisher. There is no doubt that Penguin is [...]

Our 5 top publishing partnerships and collaborations

In the run up to the launch of I’ve picked out some of the top publishing partnerships and collaborations around. I hope it gives you some inspiration to get out there and start collaborating! And to also come to the launch event Unplugged (which we're sponsoring)  on Wednesday 7th November. 1) Mind Candy and [...]