Before we went to the November Book Machine gathering, we called into a little gallery just off Marylebone High Street called Jagged Art to see the latest exhibition from Francisca Prieto, Between Folds.

The small room was full of her works which are based around using old and damaged books, newspapers and maps. Francisca folds sections of the paper into individual origami shapes and builds up an extensive piece of artwork from each section. The overall piece generates an image in itself, like a date or a shape. But as you explore each section further the whole story comes to life about the original book or newspaper that has been used.

One of our favourites was The Lady’s Newspaper 1874 which had been made up from the pages of a newspaper. It visually depicts the lives of women in 1874, the fashions and garments they wore, the gadgets they were being told to buy and the lifestyles they were being shown to live.