Outsourcing creates the most crossover between design and marketing in book publishing. But why can’t it be ‘in-sourced’? In-house teams tend to only discuss things properly when an external designer/partner is involved. It would be beneficial for publishers to create mixed teams early on instead of working in silos. book machine emc designWe had a fabulous evening at our BookMachine event ‘Marketing Vs Design: Which matters more?’ Our three fantastic guest presenters; Katie Roden, Matt Haslum and Mark Ecob spoke about the merits of both marketing and design within the publishing process. They left us with some brilliant tips on how the two functions and teams can be working more collaboratively together. So we’ve created these 10 handy take aways for you to stick somewhere memorable. If you couldn’t make it to the evening then you can catch up with some of the Tweets from the event by following #BookMachine. And we’ve picked out a few of our highlights below.