Creative Content’s Pic of the Week

Caption: Daffodils (Daffodil Narcissus) Credit: © Avico Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo Spring is on it's way and we've been seeing lots of these popping up everywhere. ELT teachers, how are you planning (if you are) to talk about Spring in the classroom?

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week An Emirati falconer prepares to train his birds on January 6, 2016, during the Liwa 2016 Moreeb Dune Festival in the Liwa desert, some 250 kilometres southwest of Abu Dhabi. The festival, which attracts participants from around the Gulf region, includes a variety of races (cars, bikes, falcons, camels and horses) or other activities [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week

                        Credit line: © Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo Our Pic of the Week has been taken from Alamy, of Dalmatian pelicans with open bills, Lake Kerkini, Greece. We'd love to know how ELT teachers would use an image like this in the classroom. [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week Person viewing the Northern lights over the lava landscape, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland.

Creative Content’s Pick of the Week The rugby kicks off today with England vs Fiji at Twickenham. England face a challenge this year, competing in a fierce pool of teams including the Welsh, past world cup winners Australia and Fiji; who recently won the Pacific Six Nations Cup. It’s going to be an exciting year for rugby – may the [...]