La Tomatina is an annual festival, often described as ‘the world’s biggest food fight’. The festival attracts people in their tens of thousands, who pay to take part in the event.

The festival is hosted in the Spanish town of Bunol near Valencia, and paints the whole town red with vibrant fruity pulp. This year the festival celebrated its 70th year, having been established in 1945, inspired by food fights that broke out during Bunol’s ‘festival season’ between local children in the Spanish region famous for it’s tomatoes. Over 150,000 tonnes of the fruit were thrown this year, in an epic battle that lasted for an hour across the town.

Following the end of the event the town is quickly hosed down and participants are ushered into public showers. The acidity of the tomatoes works to disinfect and clean the town, leaving the cobblestone streets pristine when the battle is over.