This week’s pic was chosen by Sarah, in light of the return of (and based on a story from) one of our team members, Janet, who has been in her homeland of South Africa! She told us about a hotel owner, who, often having to deal with pests in hotel rooms, simply told one of their guests to flick a bothersome lizard on her pillow into the garden.

The guest phoned back a little while later. ‘I’ve tried but I can’t move it, it’s too heavy.’ Alarmed, the owner went to the guest’s room. Sure enough, lying on the pillow was one of these (not so little) guys! An average-sized Nile monitor lizard from South Africa is nearly 2 ft. Thankfully the owner managed to remove it without harm but it’s certainly not something you’d want to wake up to in the morning!

Teachers, do you use humorous anecdotes in the classroom?