Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   Happy New Year from the Creative Services team! We've got a frosty first pic of the week for 2017, in the spirit of new beginnings, and New Year's resolutions. Hope your new year is off to a fresh start!

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   This week's image is of a lovely winter scene of a bevvy swans on a lake at dawn, with striking contrasting colours as the sun rises above the trees.

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week                     Tomorrow, Bonfire night is celebrated. Also known as Guy Fawkes night, or Firework night. On November the 5th 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested, preventing the Houses of Parliament being destroyed by the Gunpowder plot. Since then, November the 5th is a celebration of [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week                       Diwalli celebrations will be in full swing this weekend. The festival of light is celebrated by families and communities coming together, with houses being decorated with lights and candles, and firework displays. The nights are drawing in, and with the clocks going back on Saturday, this lovely [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week                     Today marks the annual celebration of apples! Apple Day traditionally falls on October 21st, and is mainly celebrated in the UK. It is a celebration of the hundreds of apple varieties and orchards across the country. This lovely image of some Braeburn apples and autumn leaves really captures [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   It is mid-October, the seasons seemed to have shifted, and autumn is upon us. Here we have a photo of the Tatra Mountain range marking the border of Poland, capturing the beauty of the season. October the 14th marks Teacher's Day in Poland. How would you use this [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week With schools well and truly back in the swing of things this week, this image of a steam train passing the Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland, reminded us of the Hogwarts Express. If you are an English teacher or a materials writer, how might you use this image in the ELT classroom? Would you get your students to [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week This week's Pic has been chosen for World Elephant Day! ELT teachers, we’d love to know how would you use an image like this in the classroom whether it be to discuss different native species or endangered animals. Depending on the context of your learner this image could be used in many different ways but we’d love [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week Monarch butterflies rest on a rock at the Sierra Chincua Butterfly Sanctuary near Angangueo in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, on Friday, Jan. 16, 2015. Climate change and increased use of herbicides are threatening the monarch migration as well as eco-tourism in the region which attracts 120,000 visitors annually, according to scientists at the [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the Week

On July 5th, the moon passed between NASA climate observatory and the earth for the second time in a year. Images were snapped over a period of about four hours by NASA's EPIC camera aboard DSCOVR. This image is from the far side of the moon, which is never seen from Earth, passing by. It's amazing that this image almost [...]