Creative Content’s Pic of the week This week's pic is on behalf of the weather heading into autumn. Although officially we are still in summer, the leaves falling from the trees tell us otherwise. The relaxing Autumn picture was taken by iannelson, the shot is of a "Tree lined road in autumn"

Creative Content’s Pic of the week Last weekend’s wet weather attracted more than just the family into the warmth of the house, spiders began to flock into homes from the rain and cold. The poor weather was found to create ‘spider season’ to come early. Generally, the spiders coming into our homes are males looking for a mate, they are [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week On Monday 21st August, North America got to experience, for the first time in 26 years, a total eclipse. The pic was taken by George Frey, during the spectacular sighting on Monday.

Creative Content’s Pic of the week Last weekend, a spectacular Perseids meteor shower arrived in our night sky. The Shower peaked on the 12th August providing an amazing view. This pic is from the photographer William McCourt, showing the Perseid meteor shower in a mesmerising time-lapse. The picture was taken in Sutton Courtenay - a small village in Oxfordshire - [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week This weeks pic is on behalf of International cat day on the 8th August and our valued team member Kathryn (Kat), who is leaving today. Kat’s role as Creative Services Manager, was responsible for the non-design side of the studio. Kat, when not at work, enjoys playing football, dancing tango or reading a good [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week This week's pic is of some colourful rainbow budgies, perched on a branch.  

Creative Content’s Pic of the week Over a million people around the world watched the England Women’s World Cup Cricket team beat India in an exciting finish last Sunday. The hope is, this will put Women’s cricket well and truly on the map.

Reflections from BookMachine’s United We Publish: III Last week BookMachine and Unite hosted the third in a series of events focusing on working in the publishing industry. United We Publish III: Consent or Coersion consisted of a panel of speakers discussing the role of change in the workplace and how to manage it. During a fascinating evening we heard [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week Today is the last day of term for most schools across the country. Both the children and the staff will be settling into their six week off summer period. Signifying the summer months, here stands the ‘Mirror Man’ statue created by the artist Rob Mulholland in Loch Earn, Scotland. The statue only appears in [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week This week, for the first time since 1978, a British female tennis player reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon. Although she lost that round this year, people from all over gathered on Henman Hill and centre court to watch Joanna Konta play. Hopefully next year she can make the finals – becoming the first [...]