Creative Content’s Pic of the week                       This week's pic is of some striking street art by artist Eduardo Kobra in the Port District of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   Yesterday marked this year's World Oceans Day. It is a global day to appreciate our oceans and think about their future. The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council works with Clean Seas campaign, which calls to put an end to the 8 million tonnes of plastics that enter oceans [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   This Wednesday, it was World Otter Day! The day was assigned by the International Otter Survival Fund, to raise awareness of their work protecting and caring for otters around the world. Here is a wild sea otter pup having a little nap in the sun.

Apply to our Graduate design scheme today

Want a real job with amazing career prospects then apply for our graduate design scheme today. Applications are now open for our graduate design scheme for designers who have graduated within the last year with a graphic design or typography degree. In a well prove design scheme we nurture and develop already very talented designers who have been taught [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                         This week's pic is of Bubble artist Deni Yang, performing one of his colourful bubble shows. Deni is the son of famous bubble art master Fan Yang, who travel the world performing bubble shows. The family holds the world record for largest soap bubble, at 167-foot-long!

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   This week's pic was found by Sarah whilst doing some exciting photo research! This young Spanish girl is dressed in traditional Spanish Dress, in the Garden of Monforte (Jardí de Montfort) in Valencia, Spain.

Publishing Services Manager [JOB POST]

The role of Publishing Services Manager is to oversee our Publishing Services department’s day-to-day needs as well as its ongoing growth as part of the senior management team. The role is responsible for bringing the multi-faceted, non-design tasks within the studio together. The role encompasses a business development side where, along with other senior managers, the [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                     Last Sunday was International Dawn Chorus Day, which is celebrated each year on the first Sunday of May. The Dawn Chorus occurs when birds sing at the start of a new day! International Dawn Chorus Day is a worldwide celebration, where hundreds of early-morning events take place [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                     This week's pic is of a piece of street art by French artist and photographer, Philippe Echaroux. This piece is in Val d'Isère, France. Echaroux works by projecting imagery and light on various structures, often using portraits as his projections.

6 tips for adapting artwork

At emc design we are very familiar with adapting educational course materials for multiple markets. Often the International version will be adapted to suit different markets, territories and educational situations. As well as re-writing anything from 20-60% of the material the artwork and images are also adapted to suit these different versions and the newly written content. [...]