Reflections from BookMachine’s United We Publish: III Last week BookMachine and Unite hosted the third in a series of events focusing on working in the publishing industry. United We Publish III: Consent or Coersion consisted of a panel of speakers discussing the role of change in the workplace and how to manage it. During a fascinating evening we heard [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week Today is the last day of term for most schools across the country. Both the children and the staff will be settling into their six week off summer period. Signifying the summer months, here stands the ‘Mirror Man’ statue created by the artist Rob Mulholland in Loch Earn, Scotland. The statue only appears in [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week This week, for the first time since 1978, a British female tennis player reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon. Although she lost that round this year, people from all over gathered on Henman Hill and centre court to watch Joanna Konta play. Hopefully next year she can make the finals – becoming the first [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   This week the US celebrated Independence day, also known as 4th July, which celebrates the Declaration of Independence, adopted on the 4th July, 1776. The Thirteen Colonies of America declared themselves as states, and therefore no longer part of the British Empire, but a new [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                       Yesterday was World Camera Day, which celebrates photography and the camera! This got our team thinking about the act of taking a photo, and frames within frames! Michael explains, much in the same way as a photographer frames a photo with their camera, the [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                     This week's pic is of some photographers at dusk, at the astronomical research facility, Mauna Kea observatories in Hawaii!

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                       This week's pic is of some striking street art by artist Eduardo Kobra in the Port District of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   Yesterday marked this year's World Oceans Day. It is a global day to appreciate our oceans and think about their future. The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council works with Clean Seas campaign, which calls to put an end to the 8 million tonnes of plastics that enter oceans [...]

Creative Content’s Pic of the week                   This Wednesday, it was World Otter Day! The day was assigned by the International Otter Survival Fund, to raise awareness of their work protecting and caring for otters around the world. Here is a wild sea otter pup having a little nap in the sun.

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Want a real job with amazing career prospects then apply for our graduate design scheme today. Applications are now open for our graduate design scheme for designers who have graduated within the last year with a graphic design or typography degree. In a well prove design scheme we nurture and develop already very talented designers who have been taught [...]